Wellness Advantage® offers therapy and wellness programs at premier retirement communities. Our talented staff provides personalized services that promotes independence, self-confidence and wellbeing. Our unique approach centers on the whole person concept to include health, fitness and mind enrichment programs.

As a participating Medicare provider we offer physical, occupational and speech therapies services on campus. Wellness Advantage® also contracts therapy services at skilled nursing facilities.

Our corporate wellness programs focus on reducing stress in the workplace, decreasing sick days, improving morale and productivity.

WA: The feeling of well-being

Did you know that after the age of 50 the average person loses 15% - 20% of his strength and muscle mass every ten years? The good news is that increased physical activity and strength training can reverse this trend even when begun late in life. Please contact us to learn more about our Wellness Advantage® personal fitness programs.

How's Your WA?

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